The deep devotion and fondness toward what I do has given me the enthusiam and motivation to be actively practicing massage therapy since graduating from the Finger Lakes School of Massage in 2001.


Professionally, 2003 was a big year for my practice; both adding Esthetics to my licenses and opening and operating A Touch of Tranquiliy Spa in Corning NY where I have focused in Medical Massage for the past 17+ years.


Through the years - Stretching outside those boundaries a bit with continuing education in a number of Massage Modalities, receiving memorable and unparalleled experience by accepting employment within additional Spas and Salons. All encouraging me to embrace my passion for health and wellness, by becoming certified in Lifestyle counseling, nutritional education and holistic meal preparation.


My goal is to fully treat the whole you, not only the physical you. At this point I focus my energy specializing in the four modalities I grow to love more and more daily; massage therapy, waxing, skin care and nutrition education.


Describing the style of bodywork I offer, I use the word; fundamental. I make use of an integrative technique in a minimalist way, to help relieve the burden of stress accumulating in the body, the pressure and discomfort of having an injury; with concentration in deep tissue, myofascial release & NMT techniques. Through these modalities and my particular isolated technique, the motivation is to release tender and painful tension without more discomfort, through patience and attentiveness, compassion and understanding. Developing a supportive, warm, relaxing and safe setting to let go...


Today and what continues to unfold moving forward... I now produce all natural, organic-ingredient-infused handmade facial and body care products, including all blends I use at the studio. I feel it is of the utmost importance to offer my guests not only a effective product and treatment, but one that is also incredible, distinctive, clean, low-allergen risk and designed specifically for you... Each and every time.


With profound gratitude, I express many thanks to all who have supported me throughout the years and those whom are yet to come...


- Christina


Thank you.

Christina M. Lower LMT, LE, CHHC

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