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           I had a facial and scalp treatment with Christina that was transporting! Such amazing care and grace

           and totally intoxicating products. Her knowledge and technique are top notch and I felt deeply cared for.

           A gem in our area.

                                                                                                                                                 –R.B. March 17, 2016





Christina is a Goddess of her craft     (5 Stars)

Christina is a Goddess of her craft. She does fantastic work and I would recommend her to anyone who asks. I started seeing her for waxing and now I don't go to anyone else. Christina is professional and nurturing while her work is thorough and efficient. You won't be disappointed.

– Lisa S     Sep 5, 2015







The Best Massage Therapy Ever     (5 Stars)

So good I fell asleep! I recommend My Mom if you need a massage. She is AMAZING! All the salt lamps are cool too!


– Cooper Lower-Morgan






Brazilian waxing     (5 Stars)

I have gone to a few estheticians for Brazilian waxing and Christina is by far my favorite. She is great at helping you to relax and her technique is excellent with great results. I would highly recommend her to anyone. She's the best!


– Christine H     Jul 23, 2015







Even I liked it!     (5 Stars)

I do not like massages, but when I hurt my back, I went to Christina Lower's Massage and Waxing Studio. It was a pleasant and incredibly relaxing experience. The customer care was excellent and I even had someone to talk to about several topics I enjoy. I felt better after and since then, I have returned three times.


– W.L.     Jul 23, 2015






one fantastic massage after another     (5 Stars)

Christina is a fantastic massage therapist- the best I have ever been to. She always asks about your problem areas before she starts, and gives you her undivided attention. She quickly locates problems, including ones even you weren't aware of. I had some serious deep tissue knots that she has been able to get rid of, and they have not returned. Her massages have made a huge difference in my ability to function without pain, especially in my neck and shoulders,and I wholeheartedly recommend her

– N.T.     Jul 23, 2015







It doesn't get better than this!!     (5 Stars)

I had been suffering from upper back/shoulder and neck pain for quite some time due to heavy lifting at my job. My muscles were so tight that I just couldn't take it anymore so I went to see Christina for a deep tissue massage, not only did she relieve the pain I was feeling but it was also the most relaxing experience of my life! I felt comfortable from the start, the office was very nice and welcoming and Christina was great! She really went above and beyond!! I absolutely recommend Christina!



– Anonymous     Jul 23, 2015






My great day out     (5 Stars)

I had a great massage and it is so convenient for me , I do not have drive far , nice place :) I enjoyed my visit a lot :) 


– Barbara Lower     Jul 23, 2015







If you havent been here yet, you are missing out.     (5 Stars)

I have had many massages from many different people over the last 10 years, since I went to Christina for the first time about 2 years ago, I've never looked elsewhere. She is truly gifted. I am never sore the next day, but always feel 100 times better. And you can't help to smile when you are around her, her personality is top notch. Also, WAXING .... if you are looking for a brazilian ...she is the BEST! I am in and out, it hardly hurts, and I've never had a problem after. 5 stars!


– Laura D     Jul 23, 2015









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